Multiple interpretation of the same text

  • Last Post 01 September 2017
Radhakrishnan S posted this 24 August 2017

I am using AbbyRTRSDK in iOS to scan receipts.

even if the text is clear, there is multiple interpretations sometimes.


1 is interpreted  with 2 and vice versa

3,8,9,6 is wrongly interpreted among them.


I am using the below:



1.RTRResultStabilityStable to use the scanned result



2. RTRDataCaptureService for capturing

3. I am continously start

How can   this be resolved?


Anna Savinova posted this 01 September 2017

Often the receipts are printed with the special font type that isn't supported in the current version of RTR SDK. That could leads to the OCR errors. 

To assist more we need to have a look at the images, please send the image examples to for the further investigation.