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Hi, I am trying the different demos from FineReader Engine to see whether they fit my application and I would like to see how the OCR outputs look like.

In particular, I tried the MultiProcessingRecognition Demo Tool in which there is an option "Save to searchable PDF file". However, the PDF file produced is just a joined PDF file with all the images I uploaded, without any further results.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to download OCR outputs directly from the demos?

Thank you.

Anna Savinova posted this 06 October 2017

The produced PDF-files are the image-on-text files, so you could see your source images, but you also could select the text and copy it to the text editor or search for the words in the document.


You could change the source code of the demos as you wish, so you also could change the text export mode by adding the following line to the MultiProcessingRecognition.cs → perfomProcessing() → before call the TestStage() method:

exportParams.TextExportMode = PDFExportModeEnum.PEM_TextOnly;

After this change the output files won't contain source images, only text.


I also recommend you to have a look at the VisualComponents sample, it will let you check the OCR results without export to file.

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