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tarun73 posted this 05 October 2017


I am using cloud ocr sdk for text extraction , these are the input parameters i am passing for processImage method:


 "file" : open(image,"rb"),
"imageSource" : "photo",
"profile" : "textextraction",
"textType" : "ocrB",
"correctOrientation" : "false",
"exportFormat" : "xml",
"correctSkew" : "false",
"readBarcodes" : "false"


image size vary in between 1-5 mb and are taken from a digital phone camera. 

It is taking a time of 30 to 45 seconds for processing, i was hoping if you could help me out to reduce it to less that 10 seconds. I could send you sample documents over email if needed.

(If this can help - i am using the xml to only extract blocks of text) 

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tarun73 posted this 09 October 2017

Any update on this. Urgent response needed please..



Oksana S. posted this 09 October 2017

First of all, please review My images are processed too slow, what's wrong?

Yes, it would be helpful if you could send your sample document to Also please specify your Application ID in your message.

Thank you!

Oksana S. posted this 09 October 2017

Thank you, we have received your email and at the moment we are investigating the issue.

Oksana S. posted this 09 October 2017

We have answered you by email.