No text recognition with overlapping regions

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Hi together,

We are using FR Engine 11 to recognize filled forms.

There is a problem with the recognition precision, because our customers cannot always provide forms filled with like printed lettes, but sometimes only some hand writing.

Thats why we decided to create image regions over the texts, and just do an image capture, and use it in our application.

The problem is, as soon as I activate this feature, all the text, that has been prevoiusly completely recognizable, is gone, but the image is there.

I have created a demo project for this problem but I cannot attach it to this post, because zip is not allowed as a file extension. I include it as a link:

password: 2VvF2SXSTgZhhAA8


Please provide it with your FRE11 license key, and rebuild the app.


The question is, is there any way to use text recognition and image capture over the same area?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

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Daria Zvereva posted this 18 June 2018


This happens because you overlap smaller blocks with larger blocks. To solve the issue you need to change the order of the blocks in the layout and add small blocks after big blocks. Add the image block before adding the text blocks and text will be recognized correctly. 

Hope the information will be helpful! posted this 18 June 2018



Thank, it really helps.


Have a good day.