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eGain_Support posted this 21 March 2019

We have a mail application using your OCR Cloud SDK for converting image attachments and, for the most part, this works without issue, however, we are seeing frequent issues where we are waiting on a response from the OCR tool, from our (admittedly limited) logs we can see that the messages are being sent but we are getting no response. Unfortunately... This system was set up some time ago and nobody currently has any knowledge of how to use/debug this issue from the Abbyy side so if someone can at least point me in the right direction as to where to start looking I would be very grateful!


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Nadezhda A. Solovyeva posted this 22 March 2019


Could you please copy-paste the sequence of your calls to ABBYY servers, and we will suggest, why exactly the result does not return as you expect it to?

aldrich posted this 26 March 2019

Hi Nadezhda,

The order of the calls is shown below.

1) public Task processImage(byte[] fileContent, String language, String outputFormat)

2)URL url = new URL(ocrServerUri + "/processImage?" + asUrlParams(language, outputFormat));

3)private Task postFileToUrl(byte[] fileContents, URL url)

4)URL url = new URL(ocrServerUri + "/getTaskStatus?taskId=" + taskId);


This is basic flow of the calls. getTaskStatus remains in state (InProgess) and does not return a result in the allocated time frame.

Ocr task ids for some of the affected responses are shown in the image below