OCR Scanning text from ID card with different languages in Xamarin

  • Last Post 09 November 2018
Ganesh Vadlakonda posted this 07 November 2018

I am working on Xamarin for Android and iOS, I need to implement an app which is capable to perform OCR on ID card and fetch the text which is in Arabic language. So could you please provide any samples or suggestion to perform this kind of operations using OCR SDK.

Thank you all in advance.

Oksana S. posted this 09 November 2018

In general, we don't provide support for the projects developed in Xamarin, neither for our mobile products, nor for our Cloud solutions. However, it is technically possible to use our software in the projects developed in Xamarin.

Unfortunately we don't have any code samples in Xamarin for any of our mobile solutions. By your request we have sent you the non-official code sample for ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK, but please note that it has nothing to do with our mobile products. All development and configuration of your Xamarin project should be done by yourself only.