Parallel Processing with ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 by python

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xiaowu lin posted this 14 June 2019


    I am using python to develop a batch and find only examples from other languages. I want to know if there is an example of python?

     FREngine.IImageSource imageSource = new CImageSource;

I don't know how to write this sentence in python.


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xiaowu lin posted this 14 June 2019

c# code

// Create Batch Processor
FREngine.IBatchProcessor batchProcessor = engine.CreateBatchProcessor();
// Set up multiprocessing parameters
engine.MultiProcessingParams.RecognitionProcessesCount = coresNumber;
// Initialize the processor
FREngine.IImageSource imageSource = new CImageSource; // the class is implemented by the user
batchProcessor.Start( imageSource, nullnullnull );
// Start processing
whiletrue ) {
 FREngine.IFRPage page = batchProcessor.GetNextProcessedPage();
 if( page == null ) {
  break// there are no more pages, end of the work
 // do something with the page
 page.Synthesize( null );
 page.Export("D:\\sample.pdf", FREngine.FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_PDF, null);


Can you give me an example of a python version?

thank you

Koen de Leijer posted this 18 June 2019

Hi Xiaowu

Questions about Python have been asked before, see:

So far, the only way to work with Python is that you have to use the Cloud OCR solution,
code-samples here:

We've already tried to get a Python-binding without success, and are now using the Java-API from Python;
In our case we used the Django REST Framework and created a Java REST-servlet running in Tomcat doing the trick.


Koen de Leijer

PS. See some of my other posts with code-samples in Java