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SamAshwinPaul posted this 04 September 2017


I am trying out your CLOUD OCR sdk (java). I downloaded the test code from GitHub and I am trying to convert a pdf to excel file. The input is a financial statement (pdf). I tried converting it to a csv but the result was not satisfactory so I tried creating a xml file but this did not work either. Is this a limitation of the software or am I doing something wrong. If so please point me I the right direction.

I have uploaded the input file


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Nikolay Krivchanskiy posted this 11 September 2017


Please note, that .csv output is supported only for processBusinessCard method. Please, see the list of supported output formats on our official website. 

We managed to obtain great result in xlsx using processImage method with following parameters: language=English&exportFormat=xlsx&profile=documentConversion&imageSource=scanner

You can also get the xml output file if you substitute xlsx with xml in the line above. 

Please, contact us again if you have any further issues.