processBusinessCard Error

  • Last Post 19 April 2018
Muzamil Hassan posted this 17 April 2018

 I am using OCR SDK Demo for iOS and when i requesting this URL


It return some data and then i request for


 it again return some data with Task ID and download url when i am using your sample code of OCR SDK DEMO,

But when i create anothe project in Swift copy all classes from demo project except the RecognitionViewController i create this class in swift , but I getting NotEnoughCredits response in taskstaus and dowloadUrl is empty



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Oksana S. posted this 19 April 2018


please specify what Application ID you are using. You can process images while the balance of your application is positive, otherwise your task will be suspended with the NotEnoughCredits status. Please check the balance of your application in your User Console.

Also please make sure that you have specified the correct authentication credentials in your requests.


Muzamil Hassan posted this 19 April 2018

Application ID : SmartIDMax


1 pages / 5 fields

I dont understand why i am getting error, Kindly look into the matter , above is my id and availability


Oksana S. posted this 19 April 2018

According to our Billing terms, every business card recognition is charged as the recognition of two A4 pages, so to process one business card you need at least 2 pages available at the balance. I have added 100 additional pages to your SmartIDMax application, so that you can continue testing. Please try once again and let us know if now everything works well.