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marc.molline@xyvertical.com posted this 04 February 2019


I don't find in the documentation a list of purchaseType I can get il the XML output.

I'm trying to use the SDK to scan receipts. So, I call http://cloud.ocrsdk.com/processReceipt and I get a correct XML output.  I want to match the purchaseType with a liste of purchaseType in my application but it's not really possible if I don't have this list.

Thank you very much.


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marc.molline@xyvertical.com posted this 07 February 2019

Any help available ? Thx a lot.


Nadezhda A. Solovyeva posted this 11 February 2019

Hi Mark,

Here are the possible types of receipts to be detected:


  • Grocery,
  • GeneralRetail,
  • Fuel,
  • Parking,
  • Transport,
  • Restaurant,
  • Hotel,
  • Utilities,
  • Mixed,
  • Toll, {For toll roads}
  • Other

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marc.molline@xyvertical.com posted this 28 March 2019


I dont understand, I got ths today "<purchaseType>CarParking</purchaseType>" *

It is not in your list ?