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Rajath Ravishankar posted this 30 October 2017

I'm getting recognized text when scanned and it is displayed on the screen too, but how to fetch the data in string format. Working on Android SDK OCR.

Thanks in Advance

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Oksana S. posted this 31 October 2017

Could you please specify what exactly ABBYY product you use: Mobile OCR Engine or Real-Time Recognition SDK?

Rajath Ravishankar posted this 01 November 2017

I'm using Real time Recognition SDK (Android)

Oksana S. posted this 02 November 2017

We return recognized result as text lines with their coordinates represented by objects of the TextLine class. Each TextLine contains the information about the enclosing quadrangle for a single line of text and the recognized text as a string, as well as some additional information about the characters. Please see the details in the Developer’s Documentation: TextLine class

Rajath Ravishankar posted this 02 November 2017

if there is 4 lines in a block then i could retrieve only last line.

Example  :

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text

of the printing and typesetting industry.

Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's

standard Lorem 


could only store "standard Lorem " in string, not able to store all 4 lines.


Oksana S. posted this 08 November 2017

Perhaps other lines are not included in the specified search area (areaOfInterest)?

Please find how our text capture code sample is implemented. The onFrameProcessed method is where you work with the recognition results. This method is called on the UI thread to return the result when the frame is recognized. And the setLines method gets the recognition result as string lines and make some further actions.

Rajath Ravishankar posted this 08 November 2017

Thank you so much for the response