Reading data with separators in between

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alroy monis posted this 02 January 2019

I am having difficulty in fixing this issue of reading fee as the separators lines are also being read as number 1 or alphabets like j or even characters like ! . is there any solution to this 

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Denis Gusak posted this 07 January 2019

Hi Alroy!

I can suggest using the methods of the ImageProcessingTools object to distort the image so that FCE no longer recognizes delimiters as characters. For example, I was able to get rid of separators on your image with the following code:

IImageProcessingTools ipt = engineLoader.Engine.CreateImageProcessingTools();
IImageFile imageFile = ipt.OpenImageFile(@"D:\362e1867-757a-4d5f-9a6f-a9c9014d331e_fee.jpg");
IImage image = imageFile.OpenImagePage(0);
image = ipt.EqualizeBrightness(image);
image = ipt.Binarize(image, BinarizationModeEnum.BM_Default, false, false, 0);
image = ipt.RemoveGarbage(image, 2);

 Hope it helps.

alroy monis posted this 08 January 2019

thank you Denis i will look into this solution 

alroy monis posted this 10 January 2019

Hey Denis,

i am a noob where do I use this code in flexicapture







Denis Gusak posted this 11 January 2019

Hi Alroy,

You can try it in Hello C# sample. Just put this code after processor.AddDocumentDefinitionFile(...) call and replace processor.AddImageFile(...) with processor.AddImage(image)