Receipt Capture on iOS

  • Last Post 04 May 2017
Matt Barretto posted this 28 April 2017


I am trying to communicate to my developers where to find the Receipt Capture API that will allow it to run on iOS. I am already a Cloud OCR SDK customer. 

I've created an app that reads restaurant receipts. We wrote some code that tries to manually parse the information but it isn't always successful.

Receipt Capture is advertised as being able to do the heavy lifting for you, separating everything out by category. This is especially useful for my app because the user does not need the restaurant name or telephone number. The user just needs meal items, prices, tax, etc.


Thank you in advance!

Lilya Chesnova posted this 04 May 2017


At the moment ReceipCapture for IOS  is available only via our Cloud OCR SDK. Please follow this link and check out our cloud API:

The description of the output can be found here: 

Also the sample for Android could be helpful:

In case you have some specific questions please clarify them more detailed.