Receipt scanning fails when each item has two lines

  • Last Post 11 July 2017
Alexey Zimarev posted this 09 July 2017

I noticed that scanning receipts where each item has two lines, one of the lines is showing the product name and the second line shows  the quantity plus price per item, then the line total, I get wrong results. Line totals are ok but line text is taken from the number of items. See the attachment.

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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 11 July 2017

The BILTEMA vendor is not supported explicitly, but such receipts should be processed by our "generic" technology. So, could you please share the source receipt to let us test it on our side? Or you can send it to

Alexey Zimarev posted this 11 July 2017

I mean that even for generic recognition it is just a double-line item. This is not unique to BiItema.

I attach the receipt anyway. Have tons of Norwegian receipts if you are interested :)


Oksana Serdyuk posted this 11 July 2017

Thank you for your receipt. We will test it and let you know about our results.

We will appreciate if you can share your receipts. I will send them to our R&D department for filling our database.

In general, we need about 100 unique receipts from one vendor in order to train our technology to find this vendor.