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viji posted this 07 February 2018


I have password protected PDF file.

Is there any way to recognize the PDF and convert it to the Word Document using Abbyy OCR sdk.

Please help.


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Koen de Leijer posted this 07 February 2018


I was having the same question and did not find any other solution in FineReader than to include a password-file with all known passwords.
See help: AddImageFileWithPassword Method of the FRDocument Object
And see why ABBYY does not:

If you are programming in Java and would really want to remove the protection, you could use Apache PDFBox in front of ABBYY's Finereader.

One of my samples to create a new PDF as a copy of the original PDF, but without protection;:

        //Use Apache PDFBox to remove protection from PDF
        PDDocument doc = null;
        try {
            File in = new File(inputPath);
            doc = PDDocument.load(in);
            if (doc.isEncrypted()) {
        } catch (Exception e) {
        } finally {
            if (doc != null) {

Keep in mind that after removing the protection of a legal document, it might not be valid anymore.
So you should always consider creating a backup of the original file.

Best regards
Koen de Leijer

Martin Smith posted this 24 May 2019

Try Softaken PDF Champ

Rajesh Raj posted this 6 days ago

Thanks for this information. It useful