remove texture background on image

  • Last Post 15 November 2017
ensei bestia posted this 10 November 2017

I have to recognize character from an image, The image have texture on the background.

how can i remove the background,or remove the texure .


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ensei bestia posted this 10 November 2017

I found some information on

But I didn't found this function in FlexiCapture

Nikolay Krivchanskiy posted this 15 November 2017


As we replied to you by email, for your case you can use the EqualizeBrightness and FilterColor methods together to achieve better results. For your case please use the FilterColor method with the CTF_Yellow parameter.

Additionally you can try using SmoothBy... methods, if your image has high enough resolution.

As for the adaptive binarisation article, it is description of how binarisation is performed in ABBYY OCR technologies. This means, that by calling binarisation methods you already use adaptive binarisation.