setCJKVerticalTextEnabled for Cloud OCR SDK?

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koichia posted this 2 weeks ago


I see that the Real-time recognition SDK has a feature to turn off CJK vertical text recognition.

setCJKVerticalTextEnabled method (in ExtendedSettings interface)

Do you have such feature for the Cloud OCR SDK? 



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koichia posted this 2 weeks ago

In other words, is there a way to disable CJK vertical text recognition in the Cloud OCR SDK?

I wanted to ask because I have a Japanese document with no vertical text, but the part of the it is being detected as vertical text.




Oksana Serdyuk posted this 2 weeks ago

There is no such separate option in ABBYY Cloud OCК SDK. But could you please send your image to for investigating the issue on our side?

koichia posted this 5 days ago

Thanks for the reply.  I've submitted a sample input file to

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 3 days ago

Thank you! We are currently looking into this issue and will keep you informed about the progress.