Unable to parse Arabic image

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Rohan Joshi posted this 3 weeks ago


I have signed up for free trial and tried the .Net code sample. Using the sample I was able to read English content from an image. For Arabic, however, I am getting a blank output file. I updated the URL for Arabic as shown below:


Is there anything else I need to do to be able to read Arabic text from an image?

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Abdul-Baqi Sharaf posted this 3 weeks ago

I am also facing problem with Arabic, using the following command. I have an arabic text image in "page.jpg"

python process.py -l Arabic "page.jpg" output.txt

The error message I am getting is attached.

Helen Osetrova posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello  Abdul-Baqi,


When it comes to the authentication issue, please make sure that the correct authentication credentials are specified in your code:

  • Application ID  - the name of your application
  • Application Password - the password to the application that should have been sent to your account email together with the Application ID right after its registration.


The credentials should be specified in the AbbyyOnlineSdk.py file: