Unable to set up OCR.

  • Last Post 20 September 2017
Karthik Kannan posted this 13 September 2017

Hello guys, 

I'm was trying to setup the OCR SDK on my own and I was somehow unable get it running on basic text. Can someone please point to a much simpler demo instead of the textCapture swift example. 


I'm unable to paste my code here. Would share it with you guys if you can tell me how. 




Oksana S. posted this 20 September 2017

Our existing code samples are available in the distribution kit. Could you please try to run the standard swift sample once again using the instruction from the article in our Knowledge Base?
If the issue persists, please provide some additional information for further investigation. You can send your project and answers to SDK_Support@abbyy.com:
1. What version of RTR do you use: free or extended? If the second one, then kindly specify your serial number.
2. Please describe the issue in more details. You can attach some screenshots and logs for illustrating the problem.
3. What iOS version are you using/testing on?
4. Please check if an Internet connection on your device is enabled.
5. The RTR SDK build number, which you can find in the Readme.html file included in the distribution kit.
6. Could you please also clarify if the issue occurs with our standard sample? In case the issue is not reproduced on the standard sample, is it possible to get your project?