• Last Post 13 February 2018
pratik posted this 07 February 2018

Hello Team,

We have set up cordova-plugin-abbyy-rtr-sdk-sample project.After clicking on TEXT-CAPTURE button we are getting below error.Kindly look into below error.

Error : Could not load some required resource files. Make …rect 'license file name'. See logcat for details.





Diana Khammatova posted this 13 February 2018


Please verify that 5 and 6 items from the manual were performed completely. You need to copy all nessesary resources from the RTR SDK library to the cordova-plugin-abbyy-rtr-sdk-sample:

  • Copy RTR SDK assets (patterns and dictionaries) and your license file (AbbyyRtrSdk.license) to www/rtr_assets.
  • Copy the Android library (abbyy-rtr-sdk-1.0.aar) to libs/android.
  • Copy the iOS framework (AbbyyRtrSDK.framework) to libs/ios. These paths already exist in the example project.

Also, make sure that you have changed the following files

  • platforms/android/build.gradle
  • platforms/ios/cordova/build.xcconfig

as described in the manual.