Using a Project to recognize data, see if it requires verification

  • Last Post 12 September 2018
semicolon87 posted this 06 September 2018


Using a document definition (afl/fcdot) I can just use a boolean value to see if the extracted document requires verification.

Using a project the process is quite different, I create the project and batch and do the "Verifying Recognized Data" section of the Flexi 12 Guided Tour->Advanced Techniques-> Verify Reconized Data

I cant seem to find any object in there that will determine if the document needs verification?
Is there a batch confidence item or something I can call?

Currently there is an object in the enum:



Can I use that?

The reason for this all is to determine if the document/batch needs to go to a verification station.


Denis Gusak posted this 12 September 2018


You can loop through each field in each document and check the IsSuspicious property. For more information, please see Properties section of [Developer Help → API Reference → Objects → Document Structure → FieldValue].