validatorForm of the textEditor

  • Last Post 06 September 2017
evoflo posted this 23 August 2017

While working with Visual Components, the text editor offers the possibility to open a validatorForm (via the button Verification). Furthermore, there is the Button "Validate" which opens a validatorForm as well.   

I want the stopAtNonDictionary property to be false. For any manually generated validatorForm this is no Problem. However, is there any way to change this property for the text Editors validatorForm?

I find it quite inconvenient to have the validate button and the Verification button doing two different things.


IvanPopov posted this 06 September 2017

To avoid such duplication, you could remove the Verification button from the TextEditor's toolbar and only use the configurable TextValidator form created upon clicking the Validate button. To do that, use the DeleteAt() method of the TextEditor's Toolbar object property. To obtain the index of the necessary control, iterate over the Toolbar items and look for the MI_CheckSpelling one.