what am I doing wrong?

  • Last Post 10 January 2018
samehnassar39 posted this 05 January 2018


From Java program, I use ABBYY Cloud OCR to recognize tiff invoices, I use receipt mode which will return xml file with the invoice information. In xml I can see <recognizedItems> which will return invoice line items. I have some issues in this:

- I can't find all invoice items picked in xml (e.g invoice has 10 items it pick only 2 or 3) and I can't find item code which is the most important part.

- When I send tiff file with multiple pages, OCR will pick the items in the first page only and ignore rest of pages (is there any configurations I should do to make OCR pick all data in all tiff pages).

Is there something wrong I do?

Is receipt mode is the best option to recognize invoices? if not what is the best options I can use from ABBYY Cloud OCR to recognize invoices?



Oksana Serdyuk posted this 10 January 2018


Sorry for the delay, we have answered you by email in details. Briefly, the processReceipt method is appropriate only for receipts processing and only for one-page files. The most reasonable will be to use the full-page recognition mode (the processImage method) and then apply some post-processing for extracting necessary data.