What fonts are supportted by Real time recognition ?

  • Last Post 31 October 2017
Alejandra Garrido posted this 25 October 2017



I'm trying to find what type of fonts are supported by RTR SDK here: https://abbyy.technology/en:features:ocr:textypes

But i can't find about fonts support by Real Time Recognition SDK.


Thank you



Oksana S. posted this 31 October 2017


This article is related to our "big" OCR technologies, which are used in ABBYY Desktop products. For compact mobile technologies the list of supported text types is significantly limited, but we are constantly improving our product and plan to extend this list in future basing on our customer’s needs. Currently only common typographic type of text is supported (Normal).

Thus, could you please describe your usage scenario and what exactly text type you are interested in?